The Brief: Launch BETTY, a new series by HBO through organic experiential, digital and social extensions to engage and evangelize the core BETTY audience

The Approach: By utilizing multiple online formats and channels, we engaged with our audience in a digital first approach to build BETTY buzz that centered around the show’s theme of meet-ups and community.

The Work: Launched a Live Series Premiere Party with a curated lineup of Live DJs and performances, complete with Cast appearances leading into the Series premiere on HBO.

Imagining Betty as a lifestyle brand, we collaborated up with artists to create limited merch for the greater Betty Community through seeding and a limited Giveaway facilitated by Hypebeast, Hypebae and the Berrics.

Our roster spanned skate crews, art collectives, street photographers, artists, models and filmmakers. And in turn these members shared to their social channels the importance of community in times like these.