To celebrate the 2018 NBA MVP Award, Kamp Grizzly produced a short film that paid homage to a letter young James Harden wrote to his mother, Monja.

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Harden MVP Film

Back in 2001, a 12-year-old James Harden wrote a letter to his mother, proclaiming that he would someday be a star. As Harden clinched the 2018 NBA MVP award and this self-fulfilling prophecy became reality, adidas asked Kamp to help craft Monja’s response to the fateful letter. 

The result was a heartfelt film seeing Monja chart her son’s path to greatness, surprising an unsuspecting Harden when it premiered during the Imma Be A Star Block Party. The film was unveiled to the public a day later during the televised MVP ceremony. 

Imma Be A Star Block Party

During the week leading up to the NBA MVP awards, adidas asked Kamp Grizzly to design and produce a party to celebrate where it all started for James Harden - Audubon Middle School in Los Angeles, CA.

Twelve refurbished courts, along with a planned renovation of the school's gym, were funded by Harden and adidas. With Kamp's help, the Imma Be A Star block party hosted 1,900 students and faculty from Audubon and surrounding adidas basketball programs on the courts for pick-up games, product customization and live performances from DJ Nasty Nigel, Famous Dex and Rick Ross. 

Refurbished Courts
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Street Teams: LA | HOU

Kamp created awareness for James Harden’s 2017-2018 MVP season by activating street teams that made surprise drops of exclusive Harden product on the ground in the two key cities where he forged his path to greatness.

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