In February 2018, Netflix launched their latest original series, Altered Carbon - a detective story set in the distant future where technology has rendered death irrelevant. As part of a tiered launch for the show, Netflix teased the title at CES, the global epicenter of consumer technology.

In order to cut through the noise, Kamp & Netflix brought Pyschasec, the fictional technology company that the series centered on, to life in an unlisted booth at CES.

The multifaceted concept centered around one of the show’s main tenets - that, since human consciousness can be transferred digitally, bodies become a consumer item. From the vantage point of 2018, Psychasec was presented as a start-up, offering beta-version technology that will allow humans to live forever in the bodies they deserve.

For this concept to be successful and impactful at the mega convention with an expected 185k+ attendees and 4k+ exhibitors, the story arc needed to feel full, and dynamic. Actors were hired to play the part of Psychasec employees, touring guests through the premium showroom while informational content played on large screens throughout.

The showroom experience also needed to feel detailed and nuanced. The realistic bodies in tubes were the most attention grabbing element, so they were strategically placed at the front of the booth. As consumers navigated through, they could glean “real” technical information from 3D videos created to explain the cortical stack (the “hard drive" that uploads and downloads consciousness), browse potential features of high-end “sleeves” in a digital lookbook Kamp created, and sign-up for more information, which would ultimately serve more information about the actual show.  

To generate more energy, and further blur the line of what was real, Kamp created faux propaganda materials and Media Hub orchestrated a protest with “anti-immortality” activists that would be expected to resist this kind of tech.

Still, the payoff for marketing was the promotion of Altered Carbon. The back side of the showroom was dedicated to showcasing the title, by featuring a lifelike replica of the star’s body and a reveal of the trailer.  

As a result the CES activation garnered a plethora of earned media and the Pyschasec booth saw nearly 17k walk-throughs, over 50k walk-by impressions, with an on-site engagement just shy of 23k.

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