adidas Originals: Huang's World

adidas Originals enlisted Eddie Huang to make two pairs of shoes to keep things cool when the kitchen heats up. A kitchen ready Superstar and the adilette were given a Huang’s World makeover featuring his signature pink color pop and a map representing his journey through the kitchens of the world.

To celebrate, Kamp & adidas created "Huang's World," a pop-up restaurant experience in the heart of NY’s lower east side. For 3 nights, Eddie's favorite dishes from his travels around the globe were served, featuring a different chef each night to serve up something fresh.

Consumers were invited to enter Eddie's World, enjoy a tasting menu, and interact with the products in a fashion only adidas can offer. The spot was packed from open to close each night and the event provided a fresh take on the often-played-out sneaker drop.

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