Foot Locker x adidas:
The Summer of Harden

Foot Locker & adidas wanted to create a back-to-school campaign that fed off the hype surrounding one of the NBA’s most revered players in the game, James Harden. 

He may have gotten robbed for that MVP again, but that’s not stopping him from living the sweet life this summer.

It's no secret that 2017 has been good for Harden, especially as of late - from sitting front row at the Y3 show during Paris Fashion Week, to joining rapper homies on stage in H-Town, all while traveling in style on private jets. The year has been good to The Beard. Oh yeah - there was also that big-ass contract extension check.

James is widely known for documenting his off-season over social media. Even more so, he is known to show off how a baller truly spends his downtime. As we found out, he would even go as far as to make sure he had a Foot Locker on his yacht to stay dipped in the latest adidas kicks.

Kamp spent a few days with him to give you a glimpse of, the summer of Harden.

Last thing. Remember the #DriveBydunkChallenge? Well, that was taken to the next level with Harden's speed boat. #BoatByDunk

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