A true collaboration between partners, adidas Running engaged Kamp early in their go-to-market process to conceptualize and create the story for a brand-new footwear franchise: AlphaBOUNCE.

Working closely with the adidas Global Running team, Kamp set forth to create a new and improved method of collaboration and curate a powerful story.

Once the story was established, Kamp produced all the materials necessary to sell-in the concept. As the shoe was brought to consumers, product and lifestyle imagery, film content, retail design, dotcom/social content, etc., was produced, providing the brand with a toolkit that included everything needed to launch the new product with full force.

Prior to launch, a media/PR event was hosted at the adidas US HQ's testing and innovation lab. The idea was to give a first look at the shoe, tell its story, and communicate its performance benefits.

To introduce the shoe to its target audience, Kamp created an exclusive experience at Sound Mind, Sound Body - an annual national football academy for elite high school athletes.

The experience took attendees through a tour designed and built underneath stadium bleachers. The experience told the story of the shoe and how it helps athletes to break into the zone and flow. They became the very first to own a pair.

In year one, AlphaBOUNCE was introduced, focusing on their ability to help athletes reach a state of "flow" during their off-field training.

The following year, the spotlight shifted to center on the reason athletes run. Utilizing four top athletes, the campaign film sampled legendary spoken-word artist Gil Scott-Heron's "Running," as it highlighted the reason these four elite competitors run - to dominate their sport.

For the model's third season, the task was to elevate AlphaBOUNCE to the global stage and connect with consumers of sport worldwide. 

Alpha athletes Caroline Wozniacki, Gareth Bale, Damian Lillard and more, were filmed in non-sport locations to showcase their lines of sport and illustrate the clarity that running brings to allow them to dominate their respective sport. 

Kamp has been involved from conception to launch and as the model continues to evolve, a consistent and unique story remains for the running category, globally.

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