adidas Originals: King Push EQT

Since it launched, the King Push EQT sneaker has been one of the most sought after and highly anticipated collaborations in the game and Kamp has activated every release to date.

For the 3rd installment the idea was to elevate Pusha as one of the industry’s essential players and deliver the concept of EQT - 'Everything that is essential. Nothing that is not.'

Partnering with legendary photographer, Ari Marcopoulos, Pusha was shot in one of photography’s most coveted formats - large format 8x10 film. The process of shooting 8x10 is analog, which forces the photographer and the subject to work together to seize the most essential moments.

In addition to creating the content and go to market toolkit, Kamp collaborated with Ari to create an 8x10 Zine with Gold Foil detail that reflected the EQT ethos. Copies were distributed at Art Basel Miami by Push himself.

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